The Consortium of Universities for Global Health is well-positioned to help address the global health challenge of capacity shortages. Through this online platform institutions can list institutional training needs and available institutional training resources.

We encourage individuals associated with training institutions to:

  1. register through this platform
  2. Identify specific training needs / gaps and/or available training expertise / resources, and
  3. explore partnerships with other institutions who may be a good match.

Scope: The activities of this project are contained within the scope of identifying and cataloguing human resources needs, training programs, and trainers and sharing these online. External to this platform, CUGH members and institutions have the opportunity to independently develop and maintain partnerships to strengthen training in resource limited settings. This initiative does not engage in the direct creation or maintenance of any partnerships.

Technical Focus: The database is intended to be broad and inclusive, with implications for any relevant sector within global health (medicine, nursing, public health, law, engineering, management, etc.).

Access: The ability to populate the database is open access. Access to database queries, search, and retrieval of information will be available to all LMIC institutions and HIC CUGH member institutions.